I'm Katherine Fisher. I am an educator who thinks differently.

I provide trauma-informed and culturally sensitive educational therapy to HSP, highly intuitive, emotionally intense, empathic, and gifted students. I use an eclectic intervention model that takes a holistic approach and encompasses academic, psychoeducational, and socioemotional aspects to provide innovative and individualized educational therapy within a safe and nurturing environment.

I work in collaboration with parents, teachers, learning specialists, psychologists, and neuropsychologists on each student's education team to create a comprehensive intervention plan that improves learning experiences and fosters self-confidence and a joy of learning. I also provide social support, executive function training, and career mentoring as well as education and workshops for parents and teachers.

What I Do

Educational and therapeutic approaches to learning differences and/or challenges.

Outdoor Study Group
Giving a Speech

Educating teachers, parents, and corporate managers how to support HSPs at home, in the classroom, and in the office.

Strategies for parenting HSP, highly intuitive, empathic, rainforest mind, gifted, and emotionally intense children.

Spacy Office

Choosing a career path that highlights and utilizes one's innate skills of sensitivity and intuition.

We show HSP, highly intuitive, and other gifted students how to effectively grow their social and emotional support networks.

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Teen Students
Bullet Journal

Strategies & compensatory techniques to overcome executive function challenges in school and at work.