Career Mentoring

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Unique Workplace Talents

HSP, highly intuitive, and emotionally intense people posses unique soft skills in the workplace. They listen intently, prioritize the needs of other team members, pay close attention to detail, express strong empathy for their fellow workers, place great emphasis on building consensus, and pick up on subtleties in the behavior of employees to intuitively mediate potential conflict before it arises. Through these actions, they work toward creating a supportive and encouraging work environment and contribute directly to team success in achieving goals.

Workplace Obstacles

HSP, highly intuitive, and emotionally intense people face obstacles in the workplace that differ from those of other employees. These obstacles include being aware of, and sometimes managing, the emotions of others, noticing sounds, smells, and details that other workers are able to simply ignore, and deeply processing every part of the workday. Work can thus require a great deal more mental energy for people with these personality traits. Therefore, great care should be taken to choose career paths that do not focus mainly on sales and achieving specific numbers, involve a great deal of interaction (facetime) with other people, or have work environments, such as open floor plans, that are loud, chaotic, stressful, or hectic.

I work with an individual's unique personality traits and talents to help him or her choose the best career path. Some popular careers are:

  • Caring professions

  • Jobs that highlight natural creativity

  • Largely independent but highly analytical professions

  • Academia & teaching

  • Remote IT professions

  • Healing arts

  • Librarian

  • Entrepreneur

  • Writer

  • Religious or spiritual professions