Social Support

Teen Students

The Importance of Social Support

Social and emotional support is imperative for HSP and HI students because isolating themselves from people, activities, and events can become a coping mechanism to deal with overstimulation and emotional sensitivity and intensity that can cause so much stress for these students. Helping them gain effective social support provides a valuable resource for managing stress and anxiety, setting boundaries with others, and learning self-advocacy. It can also increase self-esteem and foster autonomy.

Tools To Increase Social Support

I will show students how to use the following tools to grow their social network and become more confident in social situations:

  • Look for a variety of relationships for different types of support

  • Be proactive about reaching out to people

  • Use technology to supplement not replace face-to-face interactions

  • Follow your interests to increase the likelihood of connections

  • Seek peer support outside of your regular network if necessary

  • Improve your social skills through a variety of training

  • Learn to seek out necessary resources