I'm Katherine Fisher. I am an educator who thinks differently.

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Who I Am

I am a skilled and experienced educator providing strengths-based educational therapy to HSP, emotionally intense, highly intuitive, gifted, and empathic students who face challenges at home and in school. In my practice, I consult a small collective of teachers, mentors, intuitive guides, social workers, and traditional therapists to assist students affected by anxiety, depression, and other interpersonal and emotional challenges associated with the learning experience. I also work with gifted adults to meet challenges in the workplace.

What I Do

As an HSP and highly intuitive person myself, I have developed ways to use my skill set (I call it my superpower) to help children, adolescents, and adults recognize their unique gifts of sensitivity and intuition and then use them to their benefit in their education and daily lives. Over my twenty-five year teaching career, I have developed an eclectic intervention model that takes a holistic approach encompassing psychoeducational, academic, and socioemotional aspects to support and improve the learning experience.

How I Connect

People are often amazed at how I can instantly connect with a wide variety of people or how I can know so much about them after spending just a few minutes with them. As an empath and a highly intuitive person, I am naturally aware of the feelings and energy of those around me. I am capable of knowing through a process that is not logical or rational, and I can perceive other's feelings and understand the meaning behind their expressions and body language quite clearly. My hyper sense of observation means that I notice the small things that many others do not, and I use all of this information to help clients with coping mechanisms.

What I've Done

I began my teaching career at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, where I taught U.S. history, women's history, cultural anthropology, & intercultural communication. In 2010, I created the Landry Learning Center where student-centered learning, combined with dialogue, engagement, & critical thinking, paves the path to student success. For the past six years, I have worked in the capacity of educational therapy, building upon my broad teaching experience to help HSP, highly intuitive, empathic, and other gifted students and their families understand how their personality traits intersect with the educational experience. I create individualized and comprehensive education plans that improve the learning experience and foster greater self-confidence and a joy of learning.

Katherine Fisher  |  B.A.   M.S.   PhD (ABD)